Photographs are not mere representations of life; they are life. Long after the cake, the luminous fluffs of lace and flowers, the thrown handfuls of rice, the honeymoon and then the whole decades-long bittersweet arc of a marriage and family, the laboriously crafted imagery of that single day survives with a life of its own.

-Susan Sontag


Hi I’m Ulices Del Toro, Maria and I are a wedding photography team that have a great passion for documenting life and love as it happens in the moment. Our biggest focus is being able to tell everyone’s stories through compelling imagery. We try to involve ourselves as much as we can in the process to help create more experiences and capture all of those moments you want to be able to look back on and remember forever. We truly enjoy, kids, family, love and bringing all of these wonderful feelings of life to our portraiture. Maria and I tied the knot in November 2015, since we've been together photography came naturally as we both love photographing our lives. We find new ways to practice our skills everyday, and spend a lot of time playing and taking pictures with our 6 year old, Gabriel. When we aren’t behind the camera , you can usually finds us in the mountains, on the road or any excuse we can come up with to seek out adventure.