Sam + Greg - Engagement - Lake Elsinore, Ca

With their wedding right around the corner, I wanted to share Sam and Greg's awesome engagement session! These two were so great to hangout with! I won't mention how much offroading or hiking we did to get to this spot, but they really are amazing for letting me bring them here! Because of our little adventure, it made this session that much greater, and I cannot wait for their wedding this month!!!


Nacho + Sandy - Engagement - Orange County, Ca.

A couple months ago we headed off to this awesome open field in Orange County with these three! We had so much fun photographing Nacho and Sandy and of course running around after their little one, Nathaniel! We cant believe how fast time has passed, these two will be saying "I Do" this weekend and we cant be anymore excited to kick off our fall season with them! 

Danny + Lindsey - Engagement - Mt. Baldy, Ca

Since we first met Danny and Lindsey, we knew right away we were in for some fun! From day one we hit it off with them, and have been looking forward to their wedding day! We met up with them in Mt Baldy for their engagement session, they had made arrangements with some friends to stay in a cabin over the weekend. So when we arrived, we were greeted by all their great friends who were also excited for their photo session!

The cabin was a gorgeous little home away from home hidden in the mountains and was adorned with decorations that left you feeling nostalgic. It was the perfect place to set the mood for their shoot. We did some exploring in the "backyard" (wilderness), talking about their time spent that weekend and spotting a bear near by earlier!

The love that these two share with one another is really beautiful, it has us excited to be taking a trip up the coast this November to help celebrate their ranch style wedding!

Luca + Yuri - Engagement - Yucaipa, Ca

We feel so fortunate to have been a part of this couples love story! I met Yuri just a year or two coincidentally at a instameet. At that time, Maria and I were attending many social media get togethers, trying to network, meet new people and share our passion for photography with others, and we just kept running into Yuri while we were there. Eventually we all became friends, so we have had the privilege of watching her relationship blossom into what it is today. We had such a great time going out and shooting some pics for these two up in Yucaipa! 


Justin + Kortny - Engagement - Mt. Baldy, Ca

Today we get to show off a very special couple. This one is especially special to me because I have watched this young man grow from a little boy to this awesome, hard working, caring, soon to be husband to Kortny. Justin was my next door neighbor growing up, and after all these years behind us, to have him choose us as his wedding photographers is such an honor and a blessing!


I've been excited about this wedding since Kortny first contacted me. These two are perfect together. They have so much love for each other, and it makes me feel so proud to see someone I grew up with and cared for myself to find someone to share life together.


Naturally we headed up to Mt Baldy for their engagement session. Justin and Kortny spent many years coming to Mt Baldy to hike, fish, swim and snowboard. And in October they will be coming to Mt Baldy to be married! We can't wait!

Nate + Shada - Engagement - Mt. Baldy, CA

We were so excited to head up to Mt. Baldy with Nate and Shada recently. We feel we are at our best when surrounded by nature, and this little place holds a very dear place in my heart, so we were more than excited to have these two beautiful people let us capture their love in such a wonderful place. 


We let these two just walk around the woods and let them be themselves, they have such a great connection together and their love for each other is so strong we couldn't help but be inspired by their story. Shortly after meeting online, these two fell madly in love with each other and knew from the beginning that this was going to be somethings special.


Their special day is only a few short months away and our excitement only grows stronger, they are going to have the most beautiful wedding day and we cannot wait to capture every second of it.

Carlos + Grace - Proposal - Joshua Tree, Ca

The wheels for this proposal had been set in motion much longer than Grace knew about. In fact, the wheels were in motion long before there was any thought of marriage. I remember the day my good friend Carlos came home from a little outing with some friends he met through Instagram. He couldn't stop talking about one person in particular...Grace. He had fallen for her almost instantly. 

Carlos came to us with the idea of proposing to Grace at one of the national parks. Both of them are huge supporters of the parks and love venturing out to them as often as they can. He wanted to plan the perfect proposal, and wanted Grace to have something to talk about for years to come. We spent weeks talking about possible parks, possible locations and different ways for him to pop the big question! Shortly after he got the ring, we decided Joshua Tree would be the place!

Carlos planned a day full of events for Grace and himself, since they live a good distance from each other, a full day of fun didn't give Grace a single clue of what was to come. Carlos would have us set out to Joshua Tree early in the day and setup a little picnic for Grace to come across.

The day had finally come, but the day began a little less perfect than expected. That morning, Grace had woken up pretty ill, and Carlos was not sure if everything was going to go down the way he had planned. But Grace decided she still wanted to spend the day with Carlos, they had not seen each other in weeks and she wanted nothing more than to be with him. Carlos messaged me and gave me the thumbs up to continue!

It was a cold, yet beautiful day in Joshua Tree. We found the location Carlos had wanted to setup at and laid everything out for him. Because there is no reception in Joshua Tree, we had to rely on a map of the location and hope they they will be able to find the picnic. After everything was set up, we found our hiding spots and began to wait for them to show up.

We started to get a little worried when a half hour had passed from the time he said they would be there. We had no way of contacting them and the sun was starting to set. But just before we were about to call it quits we saw them making their way down the path! We took our positions to watch everything unfold.

This day may not have gone as planned, but I don't think it could have been any more perfect than the way it did. Grace was filled with so many emotions as Carlos got down on one knee, she never saw it coming and couldn't believe this day had finally come!

It has been so amazing watching these two grow together, support each other and share the same love for God as one another. They have built a beautiful relationship, and it is exciting to see them begin their next journey together, and we feel honored to have been part of such a huge moment in their lives and truly wish these two all the love and happiness life can bring!

Cory + Kylee - Engagement - Twin Peaks, CA

Got to spend some time in the woods with Cory and Kylee, and we had the best time making some great portraiture. They made it too easy, these two are so full of love, it was so good to chase them around and watch them make each other laugh! So excited for their wedding, 2016 cannot come fast enough!