Danny + Lindsey - Engagement - Mt. Baldy, Ca

Since we first met Danny and Lindsey, we knew right away we were in for some fun! From day one we hit it off with them, and have been looking forward to their wedding day! We met up with them in Mt Baldy for their engagement session, they had made arrangements with some friends to stay in a cabin over the weekend. So when we arrived, we were greeted by all their great friends who were also excited for their photo session!

The cabin was a gorgeous little home away from home hidden in the mountains and was adorned with decorations that left you feeling nostalgic. It was the perfect place to set the mood for their shoot. We did some exploring in the "backyard" (wilderness), talking about their time spent that weekend and spotting a bear near by earlier!

The love that these two share with one another is really beautiful, it has us excited to be taking a trip up the coast this November to help celebrate their ranch style wedding!