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Episode 57 Life Update (finally!) by Ulices Del Toro

On this week’s episode I finally record an update on all the things that have been going on in my life recently, things that have caused me to slow down podcasting for a little while. Excited to bring you guys up to date, I love being able to share my life with all of you!

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Episode 36 India Earl - Wedding Photographer/Educator by Ulices Del Toro

In this episode I had the pleasure of sitting down to talk to wedding photographer India Earl. Based in Salt Lake City Utah, India has made her impact in the wedding industry establishing her career as a traveling wedding photographer on assignment all around the world. She has also taken what she’s learn to create her own education program for photographers looking to get into the industry. And most recently she has started a kickstarter along with her partner Weston to create the perfect camera harness.

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Episode 19 The Guild Collective Creative Spotlight at The Orange Space by Ulices Del Toro

I was recently invited to speak at the Creative Spotlight event hosted by The Guild Collective, an organization that brings creatives, artists and entrepreneurs from all over the Inland Empire together to meet, network and learn from each other. I talked about how we began our wedding photography business and the start of this podcast!

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