Episode 48 Steven Van Elk Part 2 // What makes your location unique to photography by Ulices Del Toro

On this week, Steven Van Elk is back with the second half of our discussion! On this episode we talk about finding the unique things that make shooting in our central locations special. Jenn and Steves experience photographing in California. Dealing with rescheduled shoots due to bad weather. Renting elephants for your wedding. When to raise your pricing, and hiring and training associate shooters.

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Episode 47 Steven Van Elk Part 1 // The Tables Have Turned by Ulices Del Toro

This week Steven Van Elk joins the podcast in this two part episode! Steven runs his own podcast Wedding Photo Hangover along with his co-host Dustin McKibben, it is an irreverent look at wedding photography and it is an incredibly funny show! We sat down to talk about some different wedding photography related topics, but he quickly takes over the show, apparently he had his own agenda this week.

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Episode 17 Jennifer and Steven Van Elk - Wedding Photographers by Ulices Del Toro

On this episode I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with husband and wife wedding photography duo Jennifer and Steven Van Elk! All the way from Noblesville Indiana, we met up over Skype to talk about how they got their start as wedding photographers/videographers/editors! In this episode we dive into a conversation about:

- How having good relationships with vendors can really benefit you

- How many photos they deliver to their clients

- How setting expectations with your clients can protect you

- Tips for saving time while you edit an entire wedding

- The Wedding Photo Hangover Podcast

I also take one of my favorite segments from Steven's podcast to ask him about clients asking for raw images. This is an awesome episode and cannot wait for you guys to listen!

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Wedding Photo Hangover Podcast

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