Eric + Gracie - Newport Beach, Ca - Wedding

The day we had been preparing many months for had finally come! Eric and Gracie's wedding day had finally arrived! Eric and Gracie are one of our closest friends, we see them just about every other weekend and have shared many adventures with them, and to have shared their most memorable day with them was such an honor!

Maria had been asked to be one of her bridesmaids, so we recruited one of our really great friends Andrew Lewis to come along and help me capture this very special day! 

We all made it out to Newport beach the night before and everyone stayed at the same hotel near the harbor where their yacht would depart from. It was such a great idea to have us all stay the night before, it really was just like another night out with good friends! We went to dinner together with the whole wedding party, and stayed up talking and laughing late into the night.

The day of the wedding could not have gone any better! We spent the morning with Gracie and the girls getting ready, and we were all stunned, when Gracie was finished she literally looked like a movie star from the 50's! Beautiful to say the least. We all met up at the yacht with plenty of time to spare before the guests arrived, so we found a great spot in front of the captains lodge to have Eric and Gracie see each other for the first time, which turned out to be such a perfect intimate moment for them to share.

The ceremony was so gorgeous, and finally getting to see these two say 'I do' was such an amazing moment. It was really great to see all their friends and family come together and share with them so much love and support. The rest of our time on the yacht was spent dancing, laughing and eating with every moment nothing short of perfect.

The wedding was over before the sun went down, and we were lucky enough to take the couple with us to snap some sunset photos. We literally spent every moment of that day with Eric and Gracie, and looking back we feel privileged to have been able to be with these two the entire time!

When they returned from their mini get-away that weekend, we had a little surprise for them. Without them knowing we put together a little video of their day for them to look back on forever! We also included it at the end of this blog!