Mark + Stephany - Cambria, Ca - Wedding

A beautiful 4 hour drive up the Pacific Coast Highway was the perfect start to this beautiful wedding. Nestled deep in the forest of Monterey Pines lies the Cambria Pine Lodge, a perfect little home away from home. Mark and Stephany couldn't have picked a more cute beautiful little venue to have their wedding. Every where you turned there were beautiful gardens, sculptures and pines. We started the day out with their first look, they were so excited to see each other and ready to spend their day together. We were lucky enough to take advantage of the near by beaches, and explore the town a bit for some photos.

The alter was surrounded by trees and lay in a field of grass with a cobblestone path down the aisle, everything straight out of a fairytale. The ceremony was small and intimate, and being there to witness Mark and Stephany commit their love for one another really was special. They were such a great couple to be with, we had fun making jokes and sharing stories with them. We had an incredible time in Cambria with them, and we look forward to watching them grow together and are excited to see what lies ahead for them!

Thank you once again Mark and Stephany! We enjoyed every minute of being a part of your special day!

- Ulices + Maria Del Toro