Episode 37 Gustavo Caraveo - Photographing my first wedding by Ulices Del Toro

Gustavo Caraveo had the opportunity to photograph his very first wedding. This was an interesting perspective on someone who did not necessarily have the intention on becoming a wedding photographer, but as the opportunity presented itself, it definitely gained his interest. Gustavo is a close friend of mine, so this was a very special for me to able to sit down with a close friend and talk about photography.

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Episode 22 Dave Zimmerman by Ulices Del Toro

So excited to sit down with my old friend Dave. He's been behind the camera since he was a kid, and grew up working at film houses and camera retailers. He had a lot of great stories to share about the good'ol film days! He is one of my biggest influences, and his passion for photography has always inspired me. Hope you guys enjoy this talk with Dave Zimmerman as much as I did!

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