Episode 35 Nathaniel Jensen - First year as a full-time wedding photographer by Ulices Del Toro

On this episode of the Wedding Photo Podcast I sat down with wedding photographer Nathaniel Jensen. At the time of this interview his business had recently celebrated one year since he quit his corporate job and made the jump that we all fear/look forward to making. In that one year, he learned how to manage his business, grow a clientele, and start a community for photographers to join, network, attend seminars and learnt o grow their businesses together. He’s got a couple accomplishments under his belt, and he’s just getting started. If you are new to photography, or the business, this episode will definitely give you some encouragement and motivation!

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Episode 13 Brett Brooner - Wedding Photographer by Ulices Del Toro

On our recent trip to Omaha Nebraska I had the opportunity to sit down with Wedding Photographer Brett Brooner and catch up since the last time we saw each other. We talked about his recent engagement to his girlfriend Carlie and his epic proposal under a waterfall in Oregon. We also talked about his rise to fame as an Instagram influencer, his views on social media today and how he uses Instagram to attract potential clients. He tells us how he manages his own books and his techniques for organizing and keeping track of his wedding clients. He talks about how he made his switch from Canon to Fuji, and what he's doing today to help others build their business through mentor sessions as well as giving us his tips for starting up your own wedding photography business.

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