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Episode 58 Sam Wolsey // Belfast Wedding Photographer by Ulices Del Toro

Sam Wolsey is an amazing wedding photographer out of Belfast Ireland. We met through this podcast, but I never would have though we would actually have the opportunity to meet each other. When he told me he was going to be shooting a wedding in my neck of the woods, I couldn’t believe it. We made plans to meet, hang, and of course record an episode of this podcast. Had such a great time getting to know this guy, he is such a great, humble and genuine dude. Hope you guys enjoy this episode, we had a great talk!

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Episode 57 Life Update (finally!) by Ulices Del Toro

On this week’s episode I finally record an update on all the things that have been going on in my life recently, things that have caused me to slow down podcasting for a little while. Excited to bring you guys up to date, I love being able to share my life with all of you!

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Episode 55 Eric McFarland // Transitioning to Sony by Ulices Del Toro

On this episode Eric and I finally sit down to talk about our transition over to Sony. We bring up some topics like the newly announced Sigma lenses, a new mirrorless camera by Sigma a lot more talk about Sony and mirrorless cameras in general!

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Episode 45 Eric McFarland // Hot Sauce, Beer and a Wedding Nightmare by Ulices Del Toro

I got together with Eric McFarland to talk about his recent transition to Sony, and he shares with us some of his recent experiences. We also share some beers, eat some hot sauce and Eric tells us a nightmare story that happen at a wedding a few years back!

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Episode 20 Talking Sony, SD Cards, Lightroom and more w/ Eric McFarland by Ulices Del Toro

I sat down with my great friend, wedding photographer Eric McFarland. We've been wanting to hangout and just talk photo for a while now, so we got together and just chatted about a bunch of random topics.

We have bother been interested in switching over to Sony for wedding photography, so we talked about the new Sony a7iii and some of its features.

We talked about some Lightroom tips for editing, time syncing and shortcuts that we use to edit faster and more efficiently.

We talked about ways to prevent SD Card errors and how to back up your images.

Lots of great topics and stories in this one!

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